About Us

Why female voices?

Throughout history, composers have written music for women to sing together to exploit the unique harmonics and resonances of the female voice. The most widely known early music for female voice is probably that of Hildegard von Bingen from the 12th century. Since then most composers have written for female choirs; there are well known works by Palestrina, Victoria, Purcell, Brahms, Holst, Schubert, Mozart and Poulenc amongst the more than 14,000 pieces of music widely available today. And the rich blend of sonority achieved by three, six or nine part harmonies continues to be exploited by modern composers such as Gjeilo, Todd, Rutter and Jenkins, all writing specifically for female voice. Serenata are proud to have championed new works by local composers including Sarah Cattley (see sarahcattley.co.uk) and Andrew Bruce. 

Our repertoire includes a wide variety of pieces and genres drawn from the 12th century up to the present day; as a chamber choir of 20 voices Serenata are available to perform concerts in larger venues as well as more intimate gatherings. Engagements have included Kings College, Cambridge, Downham Market and Swaffham Prior. Forthcoming concerts include St John’s College, Cambridge on 15th December 2019, Downham Market Methodist Church on 22nd December 2019 and Snettisham, Norfolk on 30th May 2020. Watch out for a concert in Balsham in February 2020 and an appearance at the 2020 Holt Festival Fringe – Friday 31st July 2020 at 12.30pm!

Serenata is dedicated to presenting the rich heritage of women’s vocal music in an uncompromising but approachable fashion. Each piece is performed with authenticity but tenderness, exploiting the integrity of each composition through the delicately layering and blending of the individual parts. Serenata’s members between them are highly experienced, incorporating professional and amateur musicians who have been singing together for more than five years. But Serenata is more than a choir – it is a collective based on longstanding and enduring friendships ensuring emotional depth and connection in everything the choir does…..